Cat How on a life of adventure and building a design studio in Lisbon

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Creative Boom Podcast Episode #45 - Cat How on a life of adventure and building a design studio in Lisbon

This week's guest is Cat How, a creative director and co-founder of How&How, a creative agency which she runs with her husband Roger.

With a 20-strong team of designers, animators, strategists and developers working from Lisbon and London, recent projects include a gorgeous new identity for software firm UserZoom, a fresh look for high-end sneaker brand, Kick Game as well as a personal campaign to raise awareness on ocean plastic.

Cat is someone I’ve known on social media for nearly a decade. I first became acquainted with her when she and Roger ran Howkapow, an online design shop selling prints, stationery and homeware – amongst other things. But after seven years of that, which they managed from their home in Bristol, they had an opportunity to move to Portugal and grabbed it with both hands. That's where they are today, serving clients all over the world from their boutique creative studio.

Change isn't anything new for Cat. You could say it's shaped her entire career and life. In this episode, we talk about Cat's adventurous spirit and how she's always followed her gut. We discover what she studied at university and how she found herself in the field of graphic design. We talk about how what’s going in the world can impact us and why there are always silver linings to look for during difficult times. There's a lot of insight into growing an agency, too.

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