Posture, healthy backs and the creative industry, with Eleanor Burt

We're kicking off a new season of The Creative Boom Podcast with something a little bit different. Today, we're talking about posture and how we can stay pain-free as creatives. Because let's face it, we all spend so much time sitting, working, and leaning over laptops and gadgets – perhaps getting into bad habits; it's inevitable we'll run into trouble unless we look after ourselves. Of course, we want to help you avoid that, or – if you're already suffering (myself included) – then we'll hopefully help you find a way out.

To talk us through this big topic, our guest this week is Eleanor Burt, otherwise known as Posture Ellie. Based in the beautiful Peak District in England, she's a posture coach who runs her own programmes, hosts in-person events such as special retreats and even shares a load of free stuff on YouTube to help a lot of people become more in tune with their bodies.

She doesn't claim to be an expert. And she certainly doesn't promise to "fix" anyone. But she's absolutely found her calling and is helping many people to empower themselves to move and feel better. Is your neck or back giving you grief? Are you suffering from sciatica, bulging discs in your spine, or do you just feel out of alignment? Then, this episode will introduce you to a new approach – one that doesn't rely on popping pills forever and might even get rid of your pain.

Disclaimer: Always seek professional medical advice before embarking on any new regime.

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