Why it's ok to have no idea what you're doing, with Graeme McGowan

Have you ever looked at your career and thought, 'What's next?' You're not alone. It's a common myth that by our forties, we'll have it all figured out. Instead, we might find ourselves grappling with more questions than ever before, and the prospect of change feels as daunting as it is necessary.

It's something this week's guest, Graeme McGowan, knows only too well. As the creative force behind Jamhot, a Glasgow-based design studio, and the networking event Gab, Graeme has weathered economic storms and global upheavals, always emerging with new insights.

He may have started his business with the boundless energy of youth and nothing to lose, but today's responsibilities weigh heavier, adding pressure to an already high-stakes game. Through it all, Graeme champions a positive outlook, advocating that the best way to face challenging periods is with optimism and a readiness to embrace change. It's about finding the courage to do things differently and discovering that success sometimes lies in the unexpected and the uncharted.

So, how has he continued to evolve and keep his business vibrant and competitive in these turbulent times? What does success mean for a studio that has chosen to stay small on purpose? How does he manage to keep pace with a rapidly evolving industry? And why does he believe that not knowing your next step can be an advantage, especially when approached with a positive mindset?

As someone who thrives in the background, shying away from the spotlight, Graeme's journey in navigating the business world and attracting new clients is as unconventional as it is inspiring. His advice, grounded in honest experience and a positive embrace of the unknown, might just offer the fresh perspective you need.

Our conversation explores the unexpected joys of embracing life's uncertainties with a smile and reveals how staying positive in the face of the unknown can be the secret to ongoing creativity and innovation.

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