The creative industry and the menopause, with Melissa Robertson

Did you know that 900,000 women left jobs because of menopausal symptoms in 2019? That's according to research by Bloomberg that is probably only scratching the surface. And it's something this week's guest wants to make more people aware of.

Melissa Robertson is the CEO of Dark Horses in London. And she has launched an open-source menopause policy inspired by her own experience with the condition. She hopes it will open up the conversation within the workplace, not just in the creative industry, and stop so many talented women from leaving behind their careers when they're at the top of their game. The policy looks at the science behind menopause, explains the symptoms and considers how women struggle in everyday life when going through it.

Melissa has also recently become a director of Menopause Mandate, working on an all-important campaign with influential people such as Davina McCall and Mariella Frostrup to make sure women's voices are heard across the country. So, what does it feel like to go through menopause, and what can be done to normalise it so everyone understands? Melissa offers some insight.

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