Finding purpose and meaning in our creative work, with Kirsty Minns

When you leave school or university, you'll likely find yourself working at any place that will have you. And later, if you're lucky and have worked hard enough, you might enjoy the luxury of steering your own ship and finding purpose and meaning in your creative field.

That was certainly the case for this week's guest, Kirsty Minns, partner and executive creative director at Mother Design (part of the Mother family), who has shaped her entire career by choosing to only work for companies with values in line with her own.

Today, Kirsty has almost two decades of design experience in the brand-building space with the likes of The Future Laboratory, Google Creative Lab and DesignStudio, and has worked with an impressive range of clients. Her work stretches from developing award-winning experiences for Google Pixel and Selfridges, rebranding large complex components of the BBC and Facebook, to working on creative briefs for names such as Belstaff, Hunter, Baileys, Hennessy, Jamesons and Nike.

Right now, she's based at Mother, an agency with a strong purpose that she was drawn to – one that aims to create work that would "make their mothers proud". But Kirsty says it's more than that: it's about making the next generation proud, too. "It's as much about making our industry a rewarding, exciting place to work, trying to challenge what it looks like, surprising and delighting and entertaining our consumers as it is about changing the world," she explains.

But as Kirsty admits, not every brief should or can do that. Grand gestures are nice, but small steps and a little kindness can also make a huge difference to our industry and the wider world. We all have the power to speak up, suggest something better, or even adapt our own way of thinking. It all helps. What else can Kirsty teach us about finding purpose and meaning in our creative work today? How can we ensure we're doing something worthwhile? We dive right in to get some insight.

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