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Launched in 2009, Creative Boom is an established UK-based online magazine that delivers news, inspiration, insight and advice to seven million creative professionals every year.

Reaching a million people per month on our platform alone, our in-depth understanding of the support creatives want and how they respond means we are a leading trusted resource. Our readers rely on us to tell them what they need to know. This means that by becoming an advertising partner with Creative Boom, your campaign automatically carries a crucial sense of endorsement and credibility.

What's more, our reputation has meant we have been featured in BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Independent, Forbes, Huffington Post, Wired, Insider, LA Times, Rolling Stone, Vice, The Verge, The Atlantic, Ad Week, and many more – thus enjoying a strong online presence and high domain authority.

If you'd like to connect with our audience, you can do so through a range of opportunities. From display advertising and sponsored content to partnerships and industry reports, we can provide one-off or longer-term campaigns to meet your goals. Recent advertisers include Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Adobe, Canon, University of the Arts London, Samsung and Wix.

To discuss advertising or request our latest media pack, please email our Partnerships Manager Jon Everall, via [email protected].

A few key stats on Creative Boom

415,000 monthly unique visitors
500,000 total monthly visits
805,000 total page views per month
50,000 weekly email subscribers (average open rate: 42%, click rate average: 6%)
460,000 social media followers with 33 million impressions
886,000 monthly engagements across social media (X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
Most of our audience is in the UK and Europe, the USA & Canada, India, and Australia

Based on data from 19 September – 19 October 2023, Plausible, Buffer & Sendy

Stats from The Creative Boom Podcast

Our weekly podcast enjoys 40,000 monthly downloads, mainly from listeners in the UK and United States, followed by Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and France.

It has a five-star rating on Apple Podcasts, our most popular directory where 52% of our audience access our episodes. As a result, we are consistently in the top three of Apple Podcasts' charts for Design.

Our most recent season saw 8,000 downloads on average per episode with three million impressions across Creative Boom, our weekly newsletter and social media, and attracted more than 10,000 engagements. Overall, it's estimated there are 15,000 followers of the show and that number is growing daily.

Since its launch, The Creative Boom Podcast has seen over 550,000 total downloads from 100 episodes, reaching a global audience from America to Australia. Guests range from emerging to established with names such as Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Gail Anderson, Oliver Jeffers, Annie Atkins, Timothy Goodman, and Stanley Chow.

Stats taken, Spotify Podcaster & Plausible, November 2023

What People Say About Us

"Creative Boom is a great source of inspiration. I often visit to see what's happening across the industry. Keep up the great work!"
Paula Scher, Pentagram

"Working with the Creative Boom team has proved to be very effective (and enjoyable). They know exactly what type of content would perform best with their audience and meet our KPIs. The team is quick to respond, flexible, and eager to execute and deliver results to our satisfaction, with no un-needed fuss."
Lee Kenneth, Wix Playground

"Creative Boom is a trusted resource for creative professionals everywhere. It has a huge, loyal audience of freelancers, studios and independents – the very audience Adobe seeks to connect and engage with. We've spent the past decade tapping into its readership, benefiting enormously from its ever-increasing reach and influence."
Emma Wilkinson, Head of Digital Marketing & European Communications, Adobe

"Creative Boom more than lives up to its name, showcasing and supporting creativity across the world. We couldn't have launched Guardian Culture Professionals without their help."
Nancy Groves, Commissioning Editor of Culture, The Guardian

"Creative Boom is fantastic to work with. Its team are extremely responsive, great communicators and flexible to our needs. They over-delivered on what was promised. All parts of the partnership were of high quality. We would work with Creative Boom again and again."
Nicole Sanseverino, Growth & Digital Marketing, Squarespace

"Creative Boom not only has a solid understanding of the creative industry; it also has a loyal and engaged creative audience that we can tap directly into. Working on a global scale, the team create content and conversation that help us to reach and influence tens of thousands of potential students every month."
Anthony Wood, Managing Director, Shillington

"Creative Boom is an incredible company to work with. Its team is extremely friendly, always quick to respond, and clearly knows the creative industry inside and out. They ensure our sponsored articles are not only useful and engaging for the reader, but also create a real buzz around our product."
Zoe Weldon, Created Academy

"Creative Boom is currently our most valuable marketing partner. They understand how to create beautiful content that will resonate with our audience, and they back it up with solid technology/SEO that delivers sustained, engaged traffic to our platforms week in and week out – even months after an article is released. Their team is also a true pleasure to work with. Collaborating with CB is the best marketing decision we've made in a long while."
Elizabeth Owen, President, Serbin Creative

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