The magic of filmmaking and surviving Hollywood, with Miles Watts

If you think graphic design or illustration are challenging industries, try filmmaking. Although technology has made the craft more accessible and affordable, opening up many opportunities for anyone passionate about storytelling, the increased competition and ongoing cultural shifts mean that writing scripts and shooting scenes is more difficult than ever.

The entire sector continues to adapt as the way we consume movies seems to change yearly, if not weekly – not to mention the recent Hollywood strikes that, although deemed necessary, certainly didn’t make life easier for those independents fighting for recognition and income.

This week’s guest is no stranger to these things. Miles Watts is a British independent director and screenwriter for Hollywood, as well as a producer. He’s made four of his own movies so far and is a co-host on a Hammer horror podcast called Hammer Heads. And whenever he can, he tours the UK to teach screenwriting and film production at schools and universities.

Miles says that he’s been making movies since he was a kid, so with everything that’s changed since the late 1970s in the film industry, we wanted to know what it takes to survive this often-brutal sector. Miles gives us a fascinating insight into his world, from the glory days of 1980s cinema to some of the best films and TV shows today.

He shares how you must overcome rejection many times over, why you must stop focusing so much on that ultimate goal, perhaps holding that Oscar, thanking all you love and work with, and instead find joy in the struggle. I guess that’s something we can all relate to.

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