The importance of embracing change, with Metz ti Bryan

Change is inevitable. We all understand nothing stays the same for long. But right now, change can feel like it's happening at a terrifying rate as the world continues to surprise and shock on what feels like an hourly basis. The only thing we can be sure of is that we can't be sure of anything.

Change feels like it's been a running theme since the global pandemic, and now many of us are feeling pretty damn exhausted, fed up with everything shifting under our feet. To offer a positive slant, though, this week's guest is Metz ti Bryan, co-founder and production partner at The Or, a creative agency she launched in 2021. Part of the Mother Family, its core values are celebrating curiosity, rewarding empathy and encouraging independent thinking. And it is built on this premise – that change is something to embrace and behold.

Metz, herself, is someone familiar with change. She grew up in Latin America, later Canada and then moved to the UK in 2012, working at leading agencies such as adam&eveDDB, McCann London, and BBC Creative.

Her career has been about learning to pivot and adapt to the times. Change has been healthy for her, making her believe we should all be open to change. That adaptability is one of the most significant traits we can have to cope with the ups and downs of modern life, thrive in our careers, and even help make the world a better place.

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