How & How's arresting campaign to encourage us to use and eat less plastic

Did you know the average person consumes a credit-card-sized amount of plastic each week? It's a fact so shocking it pushed How & How, into action, creating a campaign to raise awareness on ocean plastic.

Simply named Use Less Plastic, Eat Less Plastic, it's part of a series of ongoing projects by the Lisbon-based studio, on "behalf of the planet" – as though Earth was a client. Speaking of the campaign, Creative Director Cat How says: "Living in Lisbon means we're in daily contact with the moods, majesty and misery of our ocean. The plastic washing up on our beaches is a very real and obvious threat. But there's an awful hidden danger we barely notice – the degraded plastic particles we're all ingesting through water, which have infiltrated the system."

Created in just four days to coincide with Plastic Free July, the campaign is simple, gets straight to the point and has a colourful but arresting dark tone. "A challenge was making the credit card not seem as if it had been made from recycled plastic, and instead communicated what we consume from the broken down particles of other products such as plastic bags, bottles, and containers," says Cat.

Next on the list for How & How's studio projects are some jellyfish designs for a Pandemic Plastic campaign. Cat adds: "We believe we all have an equal responsibility in tackling the climate emergency."


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