The art of social media promotion, with Brian Hollingsworth

If you've been trying to keep up with social media lately, you're not alone. Twitter becomes X, and no one likes or sees our updates anymore. Instagram's engagement plummets. And then comes Threads – is that even worth the effort these days, as the excitement seems to have died down? Not to mention BlueSky, Discord, Mastodon, and what else? It's all proving to be a little overwhelming.

Here to help us make sense of it all is Brian Hollingsworth, a brand consultant and graphic designer based in London who has become passionate about social media ever since he worked for The Conservative Party in 2018 and, later, a leading urban streetwear brand. Alongside running his own design studio, DAM, he's also behind The BKH – where he helps other creatives make the most of their online brand and reputation.

We wanted to know whether social media is still worthwhile – whether we're tweeting, X'ing or threading – how we can stand out amongst the noise without burning ourselves out, and where we are best focusing our time and attention to get the best possible return.

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