The art and science behind successful rebranding, with Lee Rolston

Have you ever seen a brand change its image and thought, 'Wow, that's bold!' or 'What were they thinking?' Today, we're unravelling the mysteries of successful brand transformation sparked by WHSmith's recent controversial shift to 'WHS.' It was only a trial change but one that stirred debate. So, what can we learn from it?

To guide us through this maze, we're joined by Lee Rolston, chief growth officer at Jones Knowles Ritchie. Lee is a maestro in brand building, having steered JKR to craft iconic revamps for Burger King, Dunkin', and Budweiser. His agency's work doesn't just catch the eye; it wins hearts and awards.

But what makes a brand tick? Beyond public opinion, how do you measure true success? In a world brimming with ideas, can originality still make a mark? And how do you honour a brand's heritage while keeping it fresh and relevant?

Lee is here not just to answer these burning questions but also to share his vision for the future of design. Whether you're a seasoned designer, a brand enthusiast, or just curious, this episode offers a unique glimpse into the evolving world of branding today.

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