How to build a better creative business, with Radim Malinic

As creative freelancers, we love what we do and enjoy being our own boss, but it doesn't always run smoothly. Burnout is sadly familiar to many of us, including this week's guest, Radim Malinic, who wants to offer other creatives some valuable help and support.

Taking all that he's learned from running his studio, Brand Nu, the creative director, graphic designer, and author has just released two new books, Creativity For Sale and Mindful Creative. These new titles are based on his own experiences over two decades and offer solid advice and wisdom to help you triumph as a small business and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes.

Radim talks of his struggles, of working too hard and sometimes for the wrong people. He covers the kind of juicy stuff any of us could learn from. But, more often than not, these are the moments that we have to experience for ourselves before the lesson truly sinks in. Nevertheless, Radim wants to offer some reassurance that we all suffer the same stuff, so it's better to be aware of what might go wrong to prepare us for those difficult times.

He shares the good stuff, too. And there's plenty of that. So, if you've just gone freelance or been running a business for some time, we're sure our conversation will have you nodding in agreement and give you some extra comfort that you're not alone, and these are things we all go through.

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