Jane Bowyer on being a woman in design and the joy of side projects

Creative Boom Podcast Episode #5 - Jane Bowyer on being a woman in design and the joy of side projects

Jane Bowyer is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Manchester, specialising in web design, branding and print.

There's a balance of playfulness and purpose in her work – purpose being her love of supporting social causes that mean a lot to her.

In her spare time, she runs workshops on the representation of women in online and offline media and in 2016, she launched Women in Print – a charity exhibition featuring the work of 16 local creatives, celebrating the life and achievements of iconic female figures from Manchester.

That project opened many doors for Jane and it was around that time that she decided to go freelance. In 2020, Jane and some of her friends are launching These Friends of Mine, a new community and studio space in Manchester for creatives.

In this episode, you can expect a lot of insight into what it's like being a freelance designer and illustrator. But we also chat about loads of other things – about being a woman today, about discovering new passions like playing the piano or learning how to spin around on a suspended hoop. We share some personal stuff, too. Jane has an innate ability to get other people to open up, so be prepared for an interesting chat.

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