The joy of play and humour in graphic design, with George Simkin

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Creative Boom Podcast Episode #60 - The joy of play and humour in graphic design, with George Simkin

Our guest this week is graphic designer and illustrator George Simkin, and the founder of Simkin Studio, an independent design agency based in east London. His work is bold, playful and loads of fun – pretty much a reflection of his lively personality. And he works across branding, retail design, editorial, typography and also illustration.

He’s been doing all of this for over 15 years and even finds time to teach the next generation of designers at Shillington (yes, our season sponsor but George is here on his own merit). Originally from Ireland, he's a much-loved character on social media and became famous for his hilarious Christmas cards at one point – ones that involved little clothing and strategically placed Santa hats.

In this episode, we talk about George leaving Ireland for London during that whirlwind excitement of youth when taking risks was something we didn't really second-guess. We chat about why it's nice getting older as we gain more confidence, we stop caring about what others think and we perhaps figure out who we are, tapping more into the things we love. We also realise we have to live in the moment – stop worrying about what happened in the past, or heaven forbid, what might go wrong in future.

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