The power of side projects and spreading positivity, with Dyneisha Gross

Creative Boom Podcast Episode #93 - The power of side projects and spreading positivity, with Dyneisha Gross

This week's guest on The Creative Boom Podcast is Dyneisha Gross, an American graphic designer based in Washington DC, currently working at Ogilvy, one of the most respected creative agencies in the world.

Dyneisha describes herself as someone who loves to tell stories, spark conversations and solve problems, starting with paper and a good writing utensil. Her punchy and colourful work reflects her bubbly and outgoing personality. And it was also one of the things that got her noticed after university, leading to awards and recognition that put her work in front of Ogilvy and landed her that dream job.

A graduate of Graphic Design from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Dyneisha spent her final year in the depths of the global pandemic, trying to navigate the "new normal" and finish her degree. She began a side venture to keep herself sane during that time, creating and selling greeting cards in her distinct lettering style. These cards feature many positive messages that she admits act as affirmations for living a good life.

In this episode, we talk about the struggles she's overcome, the lessons of lockdown, and what she's found has helped her get noticed and succeed in her current career. We talk about social media and how it can be a blessing and a curse. We delve into the content she creates, which shows how she loves to spread some love and positivity, helping others in a similar position to succeed. We also talk about diversity in the industry and how she feels about the future of design. It's always great to hear from those at the beginning of their creative careers, and Dyneisha doesn't hold back.

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