Playful clay sculptures that combine human and animal form by Chao Harn-Kae

In his ongoing body of work, Malaysian artist Chao Harn-Kae uses clay to create the most unusual sculptures of quirky creatures, many of which combine human elements such as hands protruding from their heads.

After graduating in Fine Arts from the Malaysian Institute of Art – where he majored in oil painting – Chao became fond of three-dimensional art and began experimenting with ceramics to craft his signature style sculptures. His work hasn't gone unnoticed – he was named one of the finalists of the 2015 New Art Wave International Artist Award.

Now based in Hong Kong, Chao told EJInsight: “Ceramics can be very fragile. Some break into pieces in the process. Some melt into a paste. If that happens, I have to start the creation all over again. Unlike other art forms, there is no way you can fix or amend it. It is simply a one-off thing.”

And that's what makes these sculptures so special. Their fragility perhaps hints at our own fragile existence on earth, and how we're closer to nature than we might think. To discover more of Chao's beautiful work, follow him on Behance.

Via Behance