Wooden sculptures of twisted human forms by artist Paul Kaptein

Working with large blocks of laminated wood, Perth-based artist Paul Kaptein – featured previously – painstakingly carves the most beautifully twisted and distorted human figures, some pocketed with holes to mimic star constellations.

With a certain dark humour to his work, it's as though Paul's sculptures are bent through time and space – like they are moving, but in the same instance, standing completely still. Inspired by popular culture, everyday observations and philosophical readings, many of his sculptures have deliberate gaps – leaving us to ponder what lies beyond.

He explains: "My work is broadly concerned with the agency of the present moment. By sampling various cultural and temporal trajectories, I’m exploring the notion of the now as a remix of past and future potentialities. This facilitates a renegotiation of perceptual truths resulting in an expression of things not quite truth, yet not quite fiction."

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Paul Kaptein


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