What it takes to become a successful artist, with Amrit Singh

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Creative Boom Podcast Episode #38 - What it takes to become a successful artist, with Amrit Singh

Amrit Singh – also known as Mr A Singh – is an award-winning artist based in Birmingham whose joyful work is intricate, full of rich texture and pattern, mixed media and vivid colours – often with a big focus on nature.

Part of Amrit's success is down to his presence on social media over the last decade – where he is a force for good and has embraced every platform to share his art and craft as well as support others. Today, his videos have been viewed over 40 million times and he was recently the first of 10 people in the world to become a Twitter Live ambassador – something that he confesses propelled his career. He now shares his amazing experience via public speaking, workshops and mentoring sessions – hoping to spread some positivity and help others find their purpose.

Amrit has also taken what he's learnt from social media, and a decade of working in the design and advertising industry to become the creative director and founder of Rebel Creatives, a content creation and branding firm based at Birmingham's Custard Factory with clients including Mazda, Starbucks and Amazon Prime.

Here, we reflect on Amrit's fascinating career so far. How social media has played a huge part in his success. And how he's adapted and grown, turning his creative passions into a business and overcoming challenges along the way. We also talk honestly about online trolls and the power of love in the face of negativity. We look at why it's so important we work on ourselves before we even consider helping others. This is an inspiring chat with someone whose energy and passion will raise a smile and offer plenty of motivation.

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