Fluoro designs first trainers to use recently re-introduced Reebok 'Vector' logo

Independent London studio Fluoro recently worked with Reebok and fitness brand WIT to design the limited edition Reebok x WIT Nano 9 shoe, as well as its accompanying campaign designs.

"We handled every aspect of design and art direction," the studio explains, highlighting the bespoke abstract typographic system which was used across the product and in the editorial designs surrounding it.

Fluoro was briefed to create a design that would work for Reebok while also embodying the WIT "stronger together" ethos. This led to the development of a visual and typographic system influenced by WITs "industrial training environment", as the studio puts it. "The material colours and finishes are inspired by steel, wrought iron and high impact rubbers which are juxtaposed against a vibrant orange."

Reebok and WIT gave Fluoro creative freedom to experiment with its design for the shoes, and to make a visual nod to the connections between WIT and Reebok's British origins; the Nano 9 is the first line of trainers to incorporate the recently re-introduced Reebok 'Vector' logo.

The launch campaign designed by Fluoro reinforces the Vector by including the word 'iconic' and reinforces the notion of the design’s marriage of classic Reebok and modern WIT branding with the use of the word 'Transition'.

The campaign will feature exclusively across all WIT digital platforms, including the website, digital advertising and social media channels, as well as on printed advertising collateral.

"WIT brought us in and asked us to take a Nano 9 as a blank canvas – still in its initial sketch stage from Reebok – and infuse the WIT 'stronger together' ethos within the shoe," says Fluoro founder Tim Smith. "It was an interesting challenge to interpret the brand visual language we had developed on to a shoe, but we’re blown away by the positive response it's had.

"Collaborating with a brand that has been such an important part of my culture since childhood has been a personal highlight from our journey with WIT so far."

The Nano 9 proved to be one of the biggest pre-launches in WIT's history, with more than 1000 units of footwear sold in minutes.