Probably the only music video ever to combine 'satanic loam', yogi and an olive police chase

Czech graphic designer Pavel Fuksa is behind a bonkers new video for the Prague-based band U-Prag.

Taking the helm on the video's art direction and direction, Fuksa based the video on a series of anagrams, shuffling around the letters in the song's lyrics to create a bunch of "eerie and bizarre" phrases, as he puts it.

These anagrams were then illustrated by the brilliant Barbora Idesova, who's also based in Prague, and animated by Matous Vyhnanek. The idea was to give the song a "random gif-like presence," says Fuksa.

He adds, "It's most probably the only music video in the world featuring Gagarin on a rhino, woollen pot on fire, deviant peck, satanic loam, ruminal mob, immoral bun, a yogi with legumes, an olive on the run, chased by the police helicopter and many more."

We love the chunky, quirky lettering used for the titles, which stands proud and strange in bright pink and yellow and sets the tone for the rest of the bafflingly brilliant animation. Idesova's simplified, oddball character design and bright colour palettes are the perfect foil for the weirdo assault of phrases. The entire thing is probably best summed up in the one that reads "clinical LSD potato," if you get our drift.