Frances Ambler's Fantastic Women is a card game with stunning portraits by illustrator Daniela Henríquez

Fantastic Women by Frances Ambler and illustrated by Daniela Henríquez is a card game featuring 32 of the world's most courageous women.

From Malala Yousafzai and Rosa Parks to Marie Curie and Amelia Earhart, players compare notes and learn more about adventurous, groundbreaking and powerful women, which have been beautifully illustrated by Henríquez, an illustrator based in Chile who loves to work in watercolour and pencil.

A fascinating accompanying fact booklet, written by Ambler, offers more background on each icon. Like, did you know photographer Lee Miller travelled from the States to be at the heart of Surrealist Paris, creating innovative photographic work with Man Ray – together they developed the 'solarization' technique? During World War II, Miller was a fearless front-line photographer and reporter. Whether covering the liberation of Paris or the horror of the concentration camps, she never flinched when she had to look the truth, however disturbing, directly in the eye.

Or the late Zaha Hadid. It wasn't just her buildings that pushed at boundaries – as a Middle Eastern female architect, her career did, too. Hadid stretched the possibilities of materials to create interiors, homewares, even shoes, as well as architecture, refusing to compromise on her vision. Despite media denigration, her impact is felt worldwide, with buildings in 44 countries. From the cocoon-like forms of Beijing's Galaxy SOHO to the undulations of London's Aquatics Centre, they're all individually, distinctively Hadid's.

Speaking of the game, Ambler said: "I had researched some of these women previously for features, like Amelia Earhart for a feature on pioneering aviatrix for The Simple Things, while I used to write profiles of 'Women who Changed The World' for Oh Comely. I dug out these research notes, as well as reading biographies and autobiographies where possible.

"Fantastic Women features a wide range of women spanning different fields. It’s a potted guide to some of their achievements: plus something to have a bit of fun with."

Fantastic Women is available via Laurence King.


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