New season of The Creative Boom Podcast showcases the diverse ways creativity impacts our world

If you've been missing our regular Monday drop of conversations with creatives, prepare yourself for a fresh load of content later this month. Our podcast is back, featuring names such as Aaron Draplin, Sean J Cuttino, Teresa Ferreira and Christoph Niemann.

Aaron Draplin is among the guests in the new season. Photography @ Leah Nash

Aaron Draplin is among the guests in the new season. Photography @ Leah Nash

The Creative Boom Podcast, which delves deep into the hearts and minds of creative professionals, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest season. Featuring its most dynamic and diverse conversations yet, the show is set to continue its tradition of offering listeners unique insights and inspirational stories from the creative industry's most fascinating figures.

Each week, host Katy Cowan will sit down with a compelling mix of designers, illustrators and creative thinkers, to help guide you through the intricacies of creative work and life.

The roster of guests includes legendary graphic designer Aaron Draplin, who discusses finding a slower pace in life after his 50th birthday; posture therapist Eleanor Burt, with advice on maintaining health and creativity at the desk; children's book author and artist Sean J Cuttino, who shares the trials and triumphs of storytelling for the young and, we hear of how to become a leader with creative thinker Rama Gheerawo.

Adding to the line-up, the FT's former head of design Teresa Ferreira unveils her journey towards sustainability in design, while Christoph Niemann offers a deep dive into his creative process and how he navigates the challenge of becoming unstuck. We also chat with co-founder of Special Projects, Clara Gaggero Westaway on how we can turn frustrations into delight via an empathic design method.

Things that matter

The new season also welcomes Joanna Henly, a versatile artist known as an illustrator, muralist, fine artist, and digital and VR painter, as well as being a celebrated creative coach. She'll explore the theme of confronting fears and pushing through barriers to pursue creativity and personal growth.

Meanwhile, Simon Davies, a product and industrial designer from Stoke-on-Trent, will discuss the role of creativity and culture in driving regeneration and revitalisation in his home town.

"This season, we're not just asking the usual questions," says host Katy Cowan. "We're diving into the personal journeys, the behind-the-scenes stories that don't often get told, and seeking out opinions on things that currently matter. From overcoming fears with Joanna Henly and tackling the madness of middle age with Aaron Draplin to exploring cultural regeneration with Simon Davies and retraining social media habits to stop being an 'internet artist' with Julian Glander, we're showcasing the diverse ways creativity impacts our world."

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New episodes will drop every Monday morning from Monday 15 April on all major podcast platforms. Make sure you don't miss a single episode, by subscribing right now!

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