Photographer Charlie Kwai captures an alternative behind the scenes at London Fashion Week

Photographer Charlie Kwai has captured our attention with his candid take on the world around us.

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

He's given us an alternative peek at the BAFTAs. Shown us a more eccentric side to London (not that we didn't appreciate London is quirky).

Now he's giving us the raw and unpolished perspective of behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. Not the 'backstage' glamour we've come to expect, you understand. But the reality. The frenzied atmosphere. Models captured taking a nap when they can. The endless waiting between shows. Walking around barefoot while toenails dry. It's a fascinating insight into the world we associate with perfect haute couture and polished beauty.

Commissioned by the British Fashion Council, Charlie was invited backstage during the event in September and was given free rein with his camera. "There wasn't any strict brief so I was free to photograph however I wanted," explains Charlie. "The freedom was amazing but working out what to shoot and how to shoot it took a while to figure out.

"I photographed about 20 shows and they all ended up blurring into one crazy week of 16 hour days and non-stop shooting. There would have been a lot more recognisable faces if I knew who anyone was too."


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