Brighton's Filthy create identity for Wall Of Noise, a new music publishing and library

Brighton-based studio Filfthy was recently commissioned to create the brand identity for Wall Of Noise, a new music publishing and production library launched by SATV Publishing Ltd – Sky TV’s in-house music publisher. Their target market includes producers, editors, ad agencies, production companies and music supervisors.

The logo icon is derived from sound waves and complimented with a simple san serif typeface to create a clean, minimal and recognisable brand. Filfthy then produced a twelve-page brand guideline document outlining logo usage, colour palette, stationery, social media branding and a small range of merchandise.

The last stage was to design a set of fifteen digital album covers to house the different collections of music on the Wall Of Noise website. Filfthy presented three initial concepts to Sky, and they chose a direction influenced by 1960's psychedelic film posters and book covers.

All images courtesy of Filfthy


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