Plant Life: The love of plants is celebrated in this beautiful new book by Ivy Muse

Until quite recently, indoor plants were a little out of fashion. But no longer are our green friends a forgotten trend of the 1970s when wooden cladding, avocado bathrooms and hanging baskets ruled the world.

Today, ferns are back in the bathroom, cacti are sitting on plant stands – plants are no longer confined to just the garden. They are the stylist's best friends. But, if you're a bit useless at keeping plants alive, you need to know how to look after them.

Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space is a charming guide by the founders of the Australian plant-wares label, Ivy Muse, packed with design-savvy tips and expert advice in botanical styling – including crucial tips in how to care for your indoor oasis. Available via Thames & Hudson.


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