Charlie Kwai's Piccadilly Circus celebrates the eccentricities of human life

Piccadilly Circus is the crossroads of London's West End but has very little to offer except for the usual fast-food chains, convenience stores and buskers.

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

It's a central meeting point with its iconic square. It's a place that tourists always seem to have on their 'list' of London landmarks to tick off. It's also where many people grab a quick bite to eat before hopping back onto the tube. As you can imagine, it's an ever-changing melting pot of human life and is quite possibly the world's most interesting place to people watch.

London street photographer Charlie Kwai agrees. He's someone who has captured the spirit of Piccadilly Circus, and all its comings and goings, in his ongoing series entitled, you guessed it, Piccadilly Circus. He loves to celebrate the vibrancy of the human race by highlighting unique eccentricities in people’s personalities and the things they do.

Through this particular work, which is ongoing until June 2015, Kwai picks out the characters that grace the plaza, capturing a snapshot of what happens at one of London's most fascinating crossroads.


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