Atmospheric oil paintings by Britt Snyder that capture his life through a lens

"My inspiration is to document the world and people around me through my personal lens," explains Britt Snyder, an artist from Boston. "I paint images of the people in my life with a focus on capturing a mood.

"I'm looking to capture the personality, atmosphere and story behind the person in a way that only an oil painting can. My paintings take on the feeling and vibe of wherever I happen to be at personally during the moment I created them. I see these as documents in a visual language and a history of my past four years in physical form."

With a process rooted in the many representational painters that have come before him, Britt loves to bring together his love for photography, movies and video games, as well as referencing painters like John Singer Sargent: "I'm fascinated with modern video technology and fusing those two worlds together."

Britt has exhibited across America, has been featured in Southwest Art, American Art Collector, The Artist's Magazine and High Fructose, and is the 2016 Grand Prize awardee of The Artist's Magazine all media competition plus awardee of the Portrait Society of America annual conference full tuition scholarship. Discover more of his stunning work, at

All images courtesy of Britt Snyder


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