Beer Yorkshire raises a glass to the diverse brewing landscape in God's Own County

Eighteen months ago, photographer Mark Newton embarked on a personal project to document his local beer scene. Borne out of his own curiosity, the self-confessed ‘beer geek’ saw it as a way to challenge both himself and his work.

What developed, however, was a desire to delve deeper into the Yorkshire brewing culture and extensively document the people and places that have come to define it. He’s now ready to share these images in an ambitious new photobook, Beer Yorkshire.

Built on tradition and driven by innovation, Yorkshire hosts some of the beer industry’s foremost purveyors and producers. From breweries to bottle shops, festivals to farmers, it’s a story characterised by the strong and fiercely independent people who make the beer scene what it is.

Through a mix of portrait and documentary photography, Mark’s extensive work depicts the fascinating intersection of brewing cultures which have come to exemplify not only the Yorkshire beer scene but the beer scene in Britain as a whole.

"By capturing abstract details, actions shots and portraits of those involved," Mark explains. "It has allowed me to build a body of work which tells the story of where the scene is at the moment. It includes some beautiful imagery of the areas which the public might not normally see, as well as a fresh look at what we take for granted."

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