Photographer Charlie Kwai takes an unexpected, less polished look at the Baftas

During a visit to last night's Baftas to shoot for clothing brand Hackett, London photographer Charlie Kwai decided to take the opportunity to capture some of the red carpet action. And he did so with his usual candid and quirky style, highlighting the awkward and the eccentric as the bulbs flashed all around him.

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

All images courtesy of Charlie Kwai

Although he did capture some of the stars at the awards ceremony, he mainly pointed his camera at the fans – many of whom had been waiting in the cold and dark for some hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite actors and – if they were lucky – a prized selfie.

Speaking of the night, Charlie told Creative Boom: "The fans do interest me, and the whole culture of celebrity is fascinating. I guess this is just a snapshot, but given the opportunity I'd make better photos and better stories. The funny thing is that it might seem I was wandering around the red carpet but I was stuck in one place the whole night, freezing too. Given the opportunity to wander, I'd make much better photographs."

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