Papermeal mixes up paper art cocktails in unusual ways to create quirky animations

Papermeal is an ongoing project by Yelldesign, an animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia that specialises in stop-motion. For their first offering, we enjoyed a taste of some paper food where they animated entire recipes for you to watch and enjoy.

Now, they've just launched their second series, and this time they're focusing on a more liquid diet. Cocktails is a collection of animations – following the same format as before – but showing iconic drinks being created in an unusual way. Everything on screen, including props, backgrounds, liquids and glasses, is made with paper.

Todd Watts of Yelldesign said: "The most challenging part of the production was figuring out how to construct the glasses. We used a range of translucent tracing papers and coloured card to give a frosted effect."

The series of five animations took three months to produce, and included the hard work and dedication of nine designers. Scroll down to watch the show. Discover more at Or follow them on Instagram.


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