Triumph ≠ Trump: A typographic mural by Craig Black highlights America's new political era

During a recent Pissed Modernism exhibition at The Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh, designer Craig Black was commissioned to create a typographic mural entitled Triumph ≠ Trump.

The iconic artwork was designed to be a focal point of the show – which aimed to make art and politics accessible to everyone, as well as encouraging debate. As Marco Bevilacqua, from Want Some Studio and curator of Pissed Modernism, explains: "The typographic element created a strong and relatable image that allowed people to instantly understand the event and its aim as a whole; gaining instant appreciation from everyone.

"Within the exhibition the piece also stood out metaphorically to me and the visitors, reflecting the preoccupation of political debates with the ongoings in America. As the piece was so visually striking, it also mirrored the overbearing nature and domination of the Trump administration within the current political landscape and discussions in the UK."

All photography by Nicola Roberts


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