Papermeal: Melbourne's Yelldesign crafts paper food to animate full recipes to enjoy

Papermeal is a tasty project developed by Yelldesign, an animation studio in Melbourne, Australia that specialises in stop-motion. Crafting paper in various colours into different types of food, the creative team animated entire recipes for you to watch and enjoy.

Todd Watts of Yelldesign explained: "We see a lot of designs featuring beautiful still images of food created from various materials. We had never seen a full scale recipe made completely of paper, and used this as our starting point.

"After many lunchtime discussions, we applied our quirky animation style to elevate these everyday recipes into surreal and colourful works of art. The first series of five animations took three months to produce, and included the help of nine designers."

Make sure you watch the full animation below, and enjoy the following selection of stills to see the level of craftsmanship that went into each and every detail of the video. In the meantime, check out to see the full project.


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