Delightful paper bird sculptures transform toucans, owls and chickens into works of art

If these beautiful bird sculptures don't brighten your day, then I don't know what will. Made from paper and inspired by the great British countryside, each unique piece is designed and printed by hand by artist, Kate Kelly, or Kaper as she's known online.

When explaining her inspiration, she says: "I have been designing paper sculptures since I graduated from University (Design: Crafts) in 2006. Birds are my favourite subject because I think they are such happy little creatures. Most of them have rather splendid hair dos. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for my designs.

"All of my designs start with doodles in my sketchbook. I use a ruler and protractor to make a template. I enjoy maths, so this is my favourite part of the whole process. Once I'm happy with the shape, I make a stencil for the template and print out the design. The second print adds the unique colours, textures and patterns, which I doodle freehand onto a blank silk screen.

"Each creature has his own individual markings and colour palette. I cut out the pieces, build and varnish them. A lot of processes go into building each sculpture. They are on my desk, in different stages, for weeks!"

Discover more at /, or if you're local to Manchester, pop in to the Menagerie at Manchester Craft & Design Centre.


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