AIGA's Eye on Design breaks into print with the launch of a new quarterly magazine

Over the past three years, AIGA’s Eye on Design has offered a fresh and intelligent perspective on the world’s most exciting designers and the issues they care about. With an approach that’s considered, unexpected, and increasingly global, it investigates topics like mental health, sexuality, education, and gender disparity through a design lens.

Today, the publication expands outside of its digital-only platform with the addition of a quarterly print magazine, which offers new flexibility to experiment with design ideas, printing methods, story formats, and deep dives into quarterly themes.

This thoughtfully designed, beautifully made pilot issue, printed in partnership with Paper Chase Press, offers a taste of what's to come. At half the length of the upcoming issues, the slender pilot packs a lot of heft: stories span from a reported piece on design and depression to a three-part exploration of high-design erotica to the outsized influence of a small gay magazine.

Designed by Tala Safié, the pilot issue sets off a series of discussions that will play out over coming issues, each of which will be guided by a central theme and designed by a surprise guest designer. "We don’t just love to write about experimental design; with each issue, we’re inviting a new designer to use our magazine as a testing ground for their ideas," says senior editor Meg Miller.

"At Eye on Design, we tell stories that connect designers to the world beyond their desktop, and connect work by experts in various fields to design and its more familiar bedfellows,” notes AIGA founder Perrin Drumm. "From op-eds to satire and some of the more experimental narratives published here and online, we’re hellbent on creating an all-over different approach to what a design magazine can be. The work you read and see now in Eye on Design is representative of our time; and more than just a who's who, it’s a who's next."

Eye on Design’s first full issue will be available in winter 2018. To get word of when you can get a copy before anyone else, sign up for the newsletter at


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