Types of Type: A new interactive guide to typography with character

Types of Type, a guide to typography with character, has just been launched, offering a free, interactive resource for beginners and type enthusiasts alike.

All images courtesy of Amanda Lui

All images courtesy of Amanda Lui

The website – typesoftype.com – introduces typography as not only a form of communication, but as an art form across two different languages, English and Korean.

Created by Amanda Lui, a graphic designer based in Los Angeles, who realised she could combine her love for cultural comparisons and graphic design. She partnered with developers Jeremiah Montoya and Nathan Specht to bring her idea to life.

"The two languages are more similar than you may think. No knowledge of the Korean language is needed as a brief history and overview of the letters is included. Other topics include principles of typography and ways of translating type visually between the two alphabets."

Experience the site at typesoftype.com.


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