Kindness Prompt Cards that help us to remember compassion and empathy

"One fundamental path to remaining kind around people is the power to hold on, even in very challenging situations, to a distinction between what someone does, and what they meant to do." – This is just a snapshot of the wisdom you can expect from the Kindness Prompt Cards, the latest offering from The School of Life.

The pack of 60 cards is designed to inspire compassion and empathy, giving us small reminders on why it's always good to be kind. Featuring quotes, questions, and thought-provoking statements, the Cards prompt us to address various challenges in our daily lives.

Another example reads: "The modern world is very uncomfortable around the idea of a good person not succeeding. We would rather say that they weren’t good than embrace a far more disturbing and less well-publicised thought: that the world is very unfair. Kind people always keep the notion of injustice in mind."

You can purchase your own set at Other prompt card sets in the growing range include Know Yourself and Calm.


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