SomeOne creates new brand identity for Spyscape to reflect its mission of empowerment

London agency SomeOne has created the branding for SPYSCAPE, a new company on a mission to "empower people to see themselves, and the world, more clearly" by creating content and experiences that educate and entertain.

The brand’s first public expression will take the form of a museum located in New York. Set to open this December, the 60,000 sq ft space, based in Manhattan, will immerse visitors into the secretive universe of espionage through one-of-a-kind exhibitions featuring dynamic storytelling and individualised experiences.

Adjaye Architects created a diverse range of exhibition spaces housed within bespoke pavilions, each concentrating on seven distinct themes. The exhibition arrangement plays with users' perceptions, with partially obscured interstitial circulation spaces that open up into immersive, fully interactive multi-media environments. Each pavilion, including a weathered steel drum with bespoke curved panelling, features a distinctive design and material palette crafted around its unique content.

"This is a brand that is tackling one of the greatest topics of our time. Privacy. Their approach is both erudite and entertaining. The new branding helps to manage their reputation and stimulate curiosity in the audience," said Simon Manchipp, Founder of SomeOne.

Emily James, Project Lead Designer at SomeOne added: "The typeface is unusual as it consists of three cuts that can be connected. Two ‘redacted’ cuts show only part of the letterform, but often enough to distinguish what character it is. The Third cut is a complete letterform that can either be used to hint at the remaining stroke, or used in its entirety for total clarity."


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