Fitzroy uses washed-up Coca-Cola labels for world’s first sustainable rum

Options feel limited for many of us when it comes to solving problems as big as the pollution of the ocean, which is a major side effect of our way of living and consuming. Amsterdam creative agency Fitzroy wants to promote a cleaner world by rethinking one of the favourite ways of consuming: drinking.

They've just launched a promising new product, Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum, that gives people the opportunity to drink and clean the ocean at the same time, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "get wasted".

At the start of this year, the Dutch beaches of the North Sea Islands were being polluted with red Coca-Cola wrappers – Fitzroy decided to recycle and reuse them to create their own special blend. By melting and pressing waste from the North Sea, they produced beautiful bottle caps.

Together with the new flasks, which are made of recycled glass from the same watery expanse, Fitzroy created the world’s first sustainable liquor packaging. And because the bottle and its marble-like top are so pleasing to the eye, they can be repurposed, perhaps as a water carafe, when the rum runs out.

Besides blending the rum, Fitzroy also mixed their own nautical heritage into the product. The agency is located in an old sailor school and takes its name, Fitzroy, from the captain of the Beagle. (Also known as the captain that steered Charles Darwin on his journeys of discovery.)

And the only rum which contributes to restoring the world, to how it was once discovered by the brave captains, proudly carries the same name: Fitzroy. Of course the recipe is not your ordinary rum taste, it is the so called: "navy style". A smooth but heavy flavour, which gives us a little nip of the bravery and willingness of the men of the past.

With the first sustainable rum label, Fitzroy wants to inspire others to think of new options to reuse waste, so we can all contribute in our own way to restoring our environment. Discover more at


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