Cosmic queries: Michael Zansky new artwork probes our place in creation

Born in The Bronx, New York in 1947, Michael Zansky has spent his life pursuing two parallel careers. One has been as a scene artist and production designer working on TV shows like The Sopranons and Law & Order: SVU, as well as films including The Fisher King, Donnie Brasco and Fatal Attraction. The other has been as a fine artist, which has seen his installation art, sculpture, painting and photography exhibited at galleries and museums around the world. And it's with this second hat on that he's recently completed Saturn Paintings.

"Saturn Paintings refers to series of large, carved, and painted plywood panels," Zansky explains, "and is thus a particularly apt title for a series engaging with a cosmic scale which exceeds our comprehension and representation.

"As such, Saturn Paintings extends the artist’s concern with expressing the psychological and existential maladies of a modern age set adrift in seemingly boundless space and endless time, an age collectively grappling with questions about its significance in a universe whose secrets continue to elude us."


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