Living Lights of the Ocean: An avant-garde vision of the aquatic world

This colourful neon vision of an undersea environment is the result of a photo shoot at the studio of designer Roman Ermakov, who's famous for his avant-garde costumes, and which became the central objects in the images.

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Roman Ermakov.

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Roman Ermakov.

The photo series, entitled 'Living Lights of the Ocean', was a collaboration between Ermakov, set designer Venera Kazarova, photographer Dasha Yastrebova and image retoucher Alex Tikhonov. The shoot took about three months to prepare for, and shooting was non-stop for four intensive days.

The team spent a long time discussing who these creatures were and where they might live. They eventually settled on the concept of strange, deep-water animals living in a dark ocean space where they illuminated everything around them; a world that Kazarova ended up creating entirely with black paper.

After the shoot, postproduction took about a year, involving work with layers and colour correction and additions such as algae, fish, glow effects and glare. The result is a unique sub-oceanic world populated by amazing creatures that you can't quite believe are actually people dressed in costumes.


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