One Day Young: Touching portraits of new mums with their one-day-old babies

The absolute pride, joy and love that a new mother must feel for their newborn is something I can't even begin to imagine. It's something – so I've been told – that becomes all encompassing where nothing else is as important than the love for your child.

All images courtesy and copyright of Jenny Lewis

All images courtesy and copyright of Jenny Lewis

Which is why I admire this ongoing project by photographer Jenny Lewis. 'One Day Young' documents Hackney-based mothers with their newborns within the first 24 hours of birth. It's so touching to see the expressions on the mothers' faces. The fact that Jenny manages to capture the bonding, love and warmth between mother and child is incredibly special.

It's a photography series that really moves you, with every image taken at homes in East London and offering a rare glimpse into the beating heart of family life.

Alongside One Day Young, Jenny has also begun photographing the extraordinary network of creatives who live alongside her in Hackney. These sculptors, milliners, hula hoop performers, artists, potters and designers are pictured at a critical moment in Hackney’s history, as rising prices and redevelopment forces many of them to seek studio-space elsewhere.

More of Jenny's work can be found at or within her new book just released by Hoxton Mini Press, entitled One Day Young In Hackney. Also make sure you watch the video below to understand more about this beautiful project.

Originally posted 3rd March 2015. Updated: 15th February 2016


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