Belgium design agency crafts its own chocolate to treat and thank its clients

To celebrate the start of the new year, Belgium-based Absolute Agency decided to create something extra special for all its clients. The team put their creative minds together and used their skills in several disciplines, such as calligraphy, packaging and 3D design, to manufacture their own chocolate slabs.

The design to be imprinted on the chocolate was first drawn by hand by Absolute’s in-house calligraphy expert, and then transferred via 3D printing into a chocolate mold. Then, using the finest Belgian chocolate, many slabs were made – looking not only good enough to eat, but tasting as you'd expect as well.

Producing the chocolate was only a small part of the project. A great deal of effort also went into the design of the entire packaging. From researching different materials for the sleeve and etiquette, to drawing the visuals for the overall packaging, everything was made with close attention to the smallest details.

A stamp was even made to print the calligraphy design on every paper bag by hand. From the drawing table to the packaging, every aspect of the process was processed by the team to arrive at a product proudly manufactured with true craftsmanship. Make sure you watch the video below to see the chocolate in the making.


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