Street Love: Photographer captures people making love in public places

Made you click, made you stare – so forgive the cheeky title but this beautiful set of images is part of an ongoing series called Street Love, where French photographer Mikaël Theimer captures people in streets across the world, sharing what they think is a private, loved-up moment.

All images by and courtesy of Mikaël Theimer

All images by and courtesy of Mikaël Theimer

Often wrapped in one another's arms and sometimes kissing, Theimer has a knack of spotting couples very much in love. Apart from the very first picture – the one at Café de la Butte in Paris, which is staged – all the others are completely authentic.

Speaking of his work, he told us: "I just like seeing people in love, I find that beautiful, pure. For a moment, nothing around them matters... I like to focus on the good within the human race, because the more you see of it, the more you want to be a part it."

To find out more about Theimer, visit or give him a follow on Twitter.


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