From plastic surgery nobility to zombie-like tourists: The eccentric characters of NYC

In his ongoing observation of the unusual characters found wandering between 57th Street and 5th Avenue, New York street photographer Daniel Featherstone takes photographs that are poignant, funny and reflective of a crowded city that continues to fascinate the entire world.

Via direct submission. All images copyright of Daniel Featherstone

Via direct submission. All images copyright of Daniel Featherstone

From the obviously 'tweaked' faces and eccentric clothing, to the poodles, drama and charm – Featherstone loves to capture locals and tourists alike, amongst the surrounding architecture that makes the Big Apple so distinctive and instantly recognisable.

Speaking of his work, he told Creative Boom: "I was originally born in England where I was a graffiti writer in the late eighties. I moved to the states about 23 years ago. I worked as a graphic designer and moved to New York in 2001 where I was an art director for Ralph Lauren for 12 years. Their headquarters was just around the corner from the famous intersection of 57th and 5th Avenue.

"It wasn't until last year that I began to shoot portraits in that area. Such a mix of transient diversity from the plastic surgery nobility to paraplegics to overwhelmed, zombie-like tourists. Every person I shoot is never staged, they are completely candid, I wouldn't have it any other way. The naturalness is what gives us all this common thread of knowing."

Featherstone is now an artist and designer/consultant for Nautica, of which its headquarters are just around the corner from 57th and 5th Avenue. He loves to use his lunch break to take more pictures of people frequenting there. He added: "It feels like my calling, for now."

He's also a teacher at Parsons School of Design in New York City, where he teaches a course called Available Light Photography and Graphic Design Portfolio. Discover more on Instagram.


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