Dreamlike Art: Teen artist brings her dreams to life through her paintings

A celebrated artist by the age of 15, Dimitra Milan’s extraordinary, dreamlike paintings can be found in private collections across the world. Born into a family of established artists, Dimitra has been developing her style and ability from a very young age at the Milan Art Institute in Arizona, founded by her parents, Elli and John Milan.

Whimsical and surreal, Dimitra expresses herself through rich color and bold designs. Her paintings reflect a dreamy world where anything is possible and fearless subjects harmoniously coexist. Her original art can be found in fine art galleries in Arizona and Hawaii.

Speaking of her craft, she said: "I want my artwork to inspire people and make them feel that anything is possible for them. Help them understand who their true self is and how they are capable of anything they put their mind to."

Giving back to charitable causes continues to be an important part of Dimitra’s work as an emerging artist. Her paintings are regularly donated to non-profit organisations that advocate against human trafficking and Comfy Cozies 4 Chemo – which provides assistance to families and children with cancer.

Through an intensive home school programme, Dimitra graduated two years early from high school, allowing her to focus full-time on her art career. She currently lives in Arizona with her family, and travels regularly to Hawaii and international destinations to experience the world and gain new inspirations. When Dimitra isn’t traveling, she can be found at home outside of Phoenix either painting in her studio, or riding her horse in the picturesque outdoors.


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