Giant colourful artworks created from hundreds of fabric balls by Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

When it comes to patience and perseverance, Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia has both qualities in spades. The Chilean textile artist crafts handmade fabric balls in a rainbow of different colours and textures and then styles them together to form giant colourful sculptures.

Speaking of her process, Serena says: "My work originates from having an interest for handicrafts and as such, carried out in a patient and laborious way, it uses the sum of gestures that are repeated and prolonged through time in order to transform materials as simple as fabric and thread into large sculptural and pictorial objects that are structured in an organic and flexible way.

"This gesture which I refer to has become a construction strategy whose main actions are: wrap, intertwine and tie, that is to say, the production of parts that connect and adhere in order to form a larger total which may continue to grow."

Discover more of her beautiful work via her online portfolio.


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