3D portraits made up of suspended paint strokes by Chris Dorosz

In his incredible series Rosh, which means 'head' in Yiddish, artist Chris Dorosz finds a unique use for paint by creating four small three-dimensional busts, each made up of suspended paint strokes.

One of the hanging sculptures is a self-portrait, while the rest are simply based on anonymous characters. "Out of material discovery I began to regard the primacy of the paint drop, a form that takes shape not from a brush or any human-made implement or gesture," explains Chris. "But purely from its own viscosity and the air, it falls through, as analogous to the building blocks that make up the human body (DNA) or even its mimetic representation (the pixel)."

Like a sculptor moulds clay to flush out the form, Chris applies a similar concept to building his painted heads with mixed pigments that resemble the muted hues of a potter's clay slip. The result is a sustained tension between concrete and vaporous shadows kept just shy of their full individual becoming, a state Dorosz calls "the muddiness of being".

Currently on show at the Muriel Guépin gallery in New York. For more information about Chris Dorosz, visit chrisdorosz.com.

All images courtesy of Muriel Guépin and the artist


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