Kent Andreasen documents life through a lens, turning the ordinary into the remarkable

Some might see daily life as mundane, others – like Kent Andreasen – see the beauty in the very ordinary, capturing rare moments and insights in new and interesting ways. It's probably why the South African photographer refuses to be pinned down to a certain style or theme.

"I enjoy how immediate the process is," he explains. "Seeing something, contemplating an approach and then finally framing up and off I go. From there I'm simply trying to portray my everyday life or work within a brief for a client, to give them something different."

Based in Cape Town, Kent's three years of studying cinematography established his understanding of both the technicalities of constructing an image and the social aspect of being able to relate to a subject in a personal way. In fact, the cinematic process has played a big part in his photographic approach. He adds: "I hope people enjoy a moment of intrigue. But at the same time, I'd like each person to take something unique from my work. I make images for myself the rest evolves its own momentum."

Represented by 2DM Management, his clients include The Guardian, GQ USA, Vice, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times, New York Magazine, Nike, Google and Air BnB. Discover more at

All images courtesy of Kent Andreasen


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