Colourful Cuba: Photographer Salvador Cueva captures candy hued architecture

I've professed my love for Cuba many a time, but in my defence there really is so much to love. From the vintage cars to the friendly people and the variety of architectural styles all mixed up together, it's a design lovers paradise.

This sentiment is obviously shared by Mexico-based photographer Salvador Cueva. In his recent series C for Cuba, C for Colour, he has documented the amazing array of buildings, which boast sugary sweet hues.

He explains: "When I went to Cuba I did not expect to find something specific, I just wanted to go to the city to take pictures. Whilst there, what caught my attention the most were the colours, even more than the old cars, the explosion of colour was in every street and in the clothes of the Cubans.

"We have already seen so many photos of Cuba, so I did not want to portray the same thing, that is why I wanted to focus on something different, the architecture alone attracts attention but the colours were what caught me.

"The camera I used was a Canon 6D with a Canon lens 24-105mm. Most of the editing I do in Lightroom and in Photoshop, and I only correct minor details."

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All images courtesy of Salvador Cueva


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