Cocoa Colony receives an injection of gold into its cafe and range of gourmet chocolate bars

Let's be honest, there are few greater pleasures in life than chocolate. Although some things might come close – a bubble bath or a cold beer on a balmy Summer's evening – ultimately there's a satisfying feeling that comes only from enjoying a bar of the sweet stuff. Cocoa Colony agrees with this sentiment, dedicating an entire cafe to its fine products.

The brand's story follows two brothers, who discovered the benefits of cocoa beans after being shipwrecked in Ecuador in the Colonial Period. Thanks to the 'healing properties and delicious aroma', the cocoa beans earned the title "Amazonian Gold".

Singapore-based, creative design studio Bravo was tasked with creating the branding for Cocoa Colony's packaging, alongside kitting out the cafe and its staff uniforms. Using the brand's story as a starting point, the studio explains the creative process: "We felt the need to retell the story in elaborate detail through meticulous typography and material choices during the creation of the brand.

"Gold was embellished with great intent to emphasise the affection we have for the product. While we strived to be truthful to the Colonial era, authenticity was relaxed for certain touch points intentionally for practicality."

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